Mega Flash was founded based on years of dynamic, to provide a platform to integrate communication networks, holistic cloud based services and financial operations. Mega Flash has contracts with major South African service providers and financial institutions. Through Mega Flash’s products and services, the company has developed national business partnerships with companies, SME’s and organizations.

Flash-Pay is a financial multi-layered module, which provides financial management services via secure financial switching methods. The Flash-Pay system is designed for processing and managing electronic payments and collections through various portals. Flash-Pay’s services are designed to minimize the costs of transacting while providing greater efficiency and integrated management solutions for our client’s business. Flash-Pay’s reporting functionality on financial transactions gives the client a better understanding and control over their business with detailed communication. Flash-Pay encompasses financial switching for the age of technology and it prides itself in providing cost-effective and leading edge technology in software and hardware.


Flash-Pay Direct is a payment portal that covers the retailer’s requirement for payment of goods or services from customers. Flash-Pay Direct is a cloud-hosted platform linked to a super merchant facility. Online transacting is done simply at a minimal fee, reducing the overall costs and increasing business by providing your customers with a variety of payment options through state-of-the-art software and hardware. Secure payments can be done via credit card and instant EFT.

The retailer simply registers for Flash-Pay Direct by completing the one page application form available on under the “APPLY” tab. The retailer then receives a Merchant Account Number (MAN). This MAN can be given to any customer that needs to make a payment to a retailer. By going to the website you can enter your MAN in the “CUSTOMER” tab which accesses the secure banking environment. In the event of an online transaction, the retailer or the customer can utilise any web enabled browsing device to access the secure session. All banking information is linked only to the registered Merchant’s account, as security is paramount. A payment “SUCCESS” or “FAILURE” notification is immediately generated on the web and the Merchant receives a detailed email. In the event of an offline transaction, the retailer is supplied with proof of payment electronically via email. The retailer also has access to the secure transaction log to view live transactions by simply going onto the website and clicking on the “MERCHANT” tab and logging in with the MAN and issued password.


E-WEB is the financial portal that can integrate with Flash-Net’s WebServ modules. E-WEB enables a business to become a virtual on-line shop with a secure payment platform. Should it be an existing web site or a complete new one, the E-WEB portal is still applicable. There are two ways to integrate the payment portal into an existing web site. One being the Merchant will integrate into the API through its own web developers at no cost from MEGA FLASH and the other being MEGA FLASH given access to integrate the API.

Clients can now browse and access your on-line e-commerce site to select and pay for goods and service via EFT, credit and debit card immediately in a secure session. A payment “SUCCESS” notification is immediately generated on the web and the Merchant receives an email.


Beneficiary Funds Transfer (BFT) covers the full payment requirement for companies that have multi beneficiaries or customers that needs to be paid. With strict corporate policies in place, outbound payments in the way of beneficiary benefits, refunds or credits are a burden to any company. Management and staff have numerous processes to follow to get authorisation to approve and release a payment, which frustrates all parties involved. With BFT, a company can transfer in bulk sum to the Flash-Pay super merchant account and then instruct when and to whom payments must be made. BFT payments are made and proof of the transfer can be sent to the appropriate recipient within 60 minutes. The BFT fees are based on a management retainer and a minimal transaction fee. BFT has online provision to access the account balance and last transactions via simple but secure login.



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