Step 1. A person or business representative requiring a merchant account accesses the www.flash-pay.co.za web page and completes a one page application by clicking the “APPLY” tab.

Step 2. A Merchant Account Number (MAN) is then issued to the registrant by FLASH-PAY via email.

Step 3. The Merchant is now ready to give the MAN out to the customers to use when requiring payment for services or goods supplied.

Step 4. Customers can then access the www.flash-pay.co.za website page from any web browsing enabled device. Click on the “CUSTOMER” tab, which will take the customer to a secure FLASH-PAY page where the Merchant’s MAN will be entered. The customer enters the payment amount and a reference.

Step 5. The customer will have the following options as a payment method.

  1. Credit Card
  2. Instant EFT
  3. Debit Card (coming soon)

Step 6. After the customer has selected the payment method the customer will be directed to the page where personal payment details needs to be entered. Note: No personal details are stored**

Step 7. After payment details have been entered and authorised by the customer a “success” or “failure” notification will be emailed to the Merchant and appear on the device the payment was made from instantaneously.

Step 8. The Merchant may go to www.flash-pay.co.za website and click on the “MERCHANT” tab. Enter the MAN and the issued password that was created upon registration, and view all live transactions.



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